Mondo Cozmo – Shine

New band – new tour bus – new music.

Things are shining bright for Josh Ostrander and his new project ‘Mondo Cozmo’ – named after his dog Cozmo. Ostrander says he wanted something that would look cool on a t shirt. Fast on the rise with a rave review from Rod Stewart and he’s been praised with an ‘in tune’ Bob Dylanish quality.

‘Shine’ a big single that hooks right into the heart sounds as good or better live than the recording which is true testament to the sincerity of Josh’s voice. Asked if he wanted to share the meaning behind the song he simply replied ‘Absolutely not. I’ll just play it for you.’ It’s perfect in a way, because the song takes on a meaning all it’s own for whoever listens.

“I am East Los Angeles but originally from Philly. I am not sure if I graduated high school. I can be soulful one moment and screaming Sixes and Sevens the next. I am the guy who orders 2 beers whenever I go into a bar and I pick up the phone whenever my mom calls. I want to do whatever I want. I want to connect with everyone. There is no demographic.”

Be sure to call into their telephone line and leave some love and encouragement.


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Josh Kelley – Nashville


Josh Kelley one of those really nice stories that we have had the privilege of covering. An accomplished songwriter, singer &  musician who is doing what he loves and doing it very  well. He has built his nest in the Utah Mountains with his lovely wife Katherine Heigl and their 2 beautiful daughters.

His latest album ‘Georgia Clay’ is available on iTunes now.

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Tyler Lyle – Santa Monica

It was a windy day at Hotchkiss Park in Santa Monica when we caught up with Tyler Lyle.

His music reaches out and grabs your heart and after spending some time with him you know exactly why.

A really nice person filled with thoughtful insight who has stayed true to his own self.

As a songwriter & a singer this is  just the beginning of his journey and we are excited to see where the road will lead him.


See Tyler’s Fresh Pick here…

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