How To Break Up With Your Playlist

Guest writer: Kristina-Marie Ross teaches us a thing or two next time you decide to drown your sorrows in your playlist. 


There’s a lot of Asian girl bloggers with perfect hair on the internet who have militarized the ‘How To Get Over a Break-Up’ guide, specifically for the use of millions of girls who just ‘can’t even’. People seem to forget that there’s another really important factor to a severe break up. Let’s forget about the awkward corrections you have to make when people ask you if you’re spending the weekend with said partner, and the under or over indulgence in your dietary habits – There is a very important domino effect that comes with every decent human being in the separation of their bae.

Your every day playlist. 

Looking into things too much? Not quite. Here we have a playlist- Lets say it has 175 songs, average. If you’re anything like me (Which I assume you all definitely should be. Because I am good.) these will be a cluttered collection of songs you have prized, shazammed, over-played and decided you can twerk to privately. They can range from Tchaikovsky to David Guetta, Il Divo to Run DMC, Elvis Presley circa 1957 to Taylor Swift 1989 (Unless you’re on Spotify- In which case, shake it off. Or, roll your eyes at my bad joke and keep reading.)
With the accessibility of music on the move today, and the option to listen to as much or as little as you like- it’s difficult not to pair at least one of the songs on your regular playlist to more or less everything you do. Car journeys, routine walks, hair and makeup regimes- You get the picture. And then there are humans. We now have the capability of pairing a song or lyric to a person, and when you have some kind of particular person (shall we say) in your life, they will sometimes not only link themselves to one song- but albums, entire artists, musical eras. Because, feels. 

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J P Maurice – Vancouver BC

So much hidden talent inside our very own city, and here lies a hidden gem that is about to explode with his new album The Arborist debuting in early fall.

Sassy, Pop, and Soulful are his lyrics. Mischievous, Thoughtful & Charismatic define his personality. His name is JP Maurice and he calls Vancouver his home.

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