Everything Old Is New Again

It’s true that life turns in cycles and if you wait long enough ‘that thing’ will come round again. Next to Jack White we chant with enthusiasm for the return of vinyl albums. No digital image can replace that piece of artwork and the depth of it’s inner sleeve with all the secrets of time embellished right there. Album covers are the poster, the poem and the package for the project at hand.

This past Christmas, vinyl was on many a wish list and the first half of 2016 saw a 56% increase in sales which set the year up to be on track for the biggest record sales in over two decades.

a boy vinyl

But who’s buying all these records? According to industry researchers half of vinyl record buyers are under 25. They also find that men are more likely to buy LPs than are women, which might not come as a surprise given record collecting’s rep as a boys’ club.

Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 7.53.32 AM

Progress shows blending the best of the old with the new is a killer combo and with Apple Music & Spotify – one is able to test drive the music before they lay their money down. It’s very cool to feel the pendulum swing towards something we can really hold on to. Music is the universal language with the ability to cross a multitude of barriers and now more than ever, albums are a solid investment in the arts.

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The Rough & Tumble – Nashville, Tennessee

The Rough & Tumble are the essence of Americana, Folk and unbridled Independence. From their quirky lyrics to infectious melodies they definitely march to their own drummer and enjoy every moment of it. Discover new music and fall in love with The Rough & Tumble today.

1. Introduce your members and tell us The Rough and Tumble came to be.

The Rough & Tumble met when Mallory Graham found a notebook on a double-decker bus. When she opened it there were pages and pages of words from sad, old country songs, to-do lists with nothing crossed out, pages torn from church hymnals, minor league baseball tickets, self-written wedding vows, a Number 1 China take-out menu and a copy of the declaration of independence with all the vowels circled in red ink. She saw Scott Tyler sitting in the corner of the bus drinking coffee and she asked if it was his. “Yes,” he said, even though it wasn’t. “Do you remember the melodies?” he asked. “Yes,” she said, even though she didn’t.

2. How do you define your musical style?

We are a chord-organ driven, quirk-pop, ambient-folk, hillbilly grunge (with tinges of classic country) duo who specializes in original tunes accompanied by unoriginal and often homemade instruments.  Well, here.  Watch this video.  It’ll explain everything.

 3. Are your songs based on real life situations or more stirrings of the imagination?

Our songs are all closely filtered by our autobiographies.  Some facts may resemble us exactly, but many people would be surprised which of those are actually ours.  Other songs are workings of hopeful fiction– like a boy and a whale falling in love.  Those are the songs we are waiting to come true in the near future.  So, in essence, yes.  They are all real life situations we have imagined coming true.  

4. Which lyrics are closest to you at the moment and tell us the story behind them.

“The spaces between us are as big as all the things we haven’t said.” The opening line from our song “Wahoo,” which is coming out in early September. This line came to us after a party, when we saw our friend and her high school crush standing silhouetted in the party light, deep in conversation, with enough space between them to fit five people. It was as if all the secret words they never spoke from years ago had multiplied and kept them cautiously distant. 

5. What do you hope your fans will take away from your performances?

Mallory:  A good time and a boyfriend.

Scott:  Merchandise.

The Rough & Tumble’s official statement: A memory of a tiny musical oasis they found in the desert of the world.

6. In The Rough and Tumble who is the practical thinker & who is the dreamer?

When interviewing for the position of Rough and/or Tumble, the scores we each received on the official Thinker/Dreamer test came up exactly 50/50 for both persons.  Executives, therefore, concluded that both Mallory and Scott were required to work exclusively and eternally with each other under these predispositions.  


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