Bumi Thomas

We met Bumi Thomas purely by fate.

Lost in the dark of the night on a recent trip to London we searched for the flat of our next interview.
Bumi was the only person in sight when we asked her where the address was and she coyly replied , “I think I know who you are looking for (with a smile we would soon recognize) follow me…” it turned out Bumi was the assistant to the subject we were searching for.

Check- out another song, “Mother Tongue” 

Bumi, your music is a gift to the world and it likely was exactly at the stroke of midnight you surprised us with your voice one night.

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John Loves Yoko

a john loves yoko

John was a romantic at heart and the chemistry between he and Yoko was sparked from above. She was his muse, his heart, his soul and from that love was born so many beautiful songs. Perhaps his way of sharing love with the world.

When I met Yoko and fell in love I was just experiencing that thing knowing that ‘My God!’ this is different from anything before this is something other you know, this is well, I don’t know what it is, but this is fine. This is ‘Thank you, thank you, you know.’ It’s more than a hit record. It’s more than gold,. It’s more than everything it’s more than. This is something indescribable!’ – John Lennon, 1980


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My family isn’t terribly musical but, my Mother is an artist so I definitely got a creative gene from that side of my family and music came to me when I was a child. We used to spend summer’s down at the beach [two month long holiday’s and every afternoon my Mother would paint and I used to have afternoon siesta’s under her easel and she would blast loudly Frank Sinatra, Peggy Lee, Opera, beautiful music and it is this kind of music that was instilled in me from a very young age and it has never left me so I suppose that is where my story as a musician or as a creative being began.- MAY

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