She Believed She Could and So She Did – Szilvia Gogh

‘My Grandparents always told me – you know you should stay on the surface and watch those Jacque Cousteau movies, it’s much less dangerous than going under water. I thought I don’t want to watch other people’s movies – I want to make my own movie – star in my own movie – make my own life through my own experiences.’ 


At Fresh Independence we gravitate toward other ‘Women Strong’ – those who remain true to the voice inside –  that fuels their light to shine bright, in an all too often dark world.

Szilvia Gogh began to imprint on me while buying a piece of her jewelry for a heart on a soul fight. It said ‘never never never give up’ –
I didn’t know how inspirational her message would be in that moment.

Certified scuba instructor, youth mentor, inspirational jewelry designer, proud mother, loving wife and breast cancer survivor – all important pieces in her story. Accomplishments that pay true testament to her own hard work and perseverance.

‘I live by the idea that I once heard – that luck comes to those who stay busy while waiting. I believe in that. We’ve got to do it our selves.’

As women we all have growing pains unique to our journey – but that is what makes life truly amazing and ‘us’ so imperfectly who we are.

Lovely conversation – I hope you will enjoy learning more about this soulful beauty.



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