Tully On Tully- Melbourne, Australia

Inspiration comes from a different location for every artist, a special place where an idea sprouts and grows into something tangible.


Tully on Tully met in University, what were you studying?

We were studying music! Four of us met while undertaking a diploma in jazz/contemporary music and started playing some music together, then we met our guitarist soon afterwards and the rest is history.

“Weightless” the title of your latest EP. What was the inspiration behind the EP?

Would you share a story behind one of the songs off the EP?

The EP came from our first serious period of songwriting, we initially wrote about 10 songs that we then narrowed down to the 5 that you can hear on the EP. One of our more personal songs is “Quiet Company” which Natalie (our lyricist/vocalist) wrote by herself with just a ukelele while working out in Kalgoorlie, a very remote city in the Australian outback. Listening to the lyrics you can grasp the loneliness and isolation that being so far from home can bring. The name “Weightless” was also inspired by a lyric from that song.

Tully on Tully is hosting a Dinner Party.

What Album is playing?

War on Drugs’ new album, “Lost in the Dream”

What is on the Menu?

Sushi, enchiladas, and a pasta with white wine and truffle sauce (we all have different tastes!). Also, lots of good red wine.

Four influential people [past or present] are invited, who is on the Guest List?

Robert Oppenheimer

Kim Jong-il

Kate Bush

Miles Davis

(this would be a very entertaining dinner party)

Toronto, Canada Catch Tully On Tully at Canadian Music Week

Showcase on Friday May 9th at Handlebar has been labeled as one of Indie88Toronto‘s Best Bets for Canadian Music Week!

       Tully on Tully CMW

What could the world use more of?

Love. But also more episodes of Game of Thrones, that show is like cocaine.

Tully on Tully has always wondered why…

Why do they sell soy sauce in little containers shaped like fish? Soy isn’t made from fish (as far as we’re aware). Or is it to put on your fish? But then why aren’t tomato sauce bottles shaped like pies? These are the questions that keep us awake at night.

What is a quote or piece of advice that you will always carry with you? 

“Worried about dry skin? Concerned about lines and wrinkles? Then visit a burns unit and get some perspective.”

Shout-out to your top three current favorite Bands or Artists?

Half Moon Run – I think we all listened to their album “Dark Eyes” collectively about a million times last year.

Phantogram – that’s how you do electro pop/rock.

Playwrite – This is another band from Melbourne. We love them, they’re incredibly talented, and they’re all lovely people.

In what moment do you feel the most weightless?

On stage, playing. It’s like being in mid-air: you could either crash to the ground or keep flying up high. It always ends with one, and you can never guess which.

Weightless EP Available Here

 What is the glue that holds Tully on Tully together? 

Our mutual love and appreciation for music in its many different forms. Also, watching Game of Thrones. Nothing brings people together more than the grief of losing a beloved fictional character.

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